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2nd Step or Two Step Verification. Your world in your hands.

Gmail 2 Step Verification
Two Step Verification, Two Factor Authentication, 2nd Step Securance…… and what not have you been hearing of since these recent years of modernisation.  What exactly are these about? How they work and what they secure?

Shift up your thinking gear from neutral as we are about to dive into the concepts of privacy and security. Our desktop, laptop, smartphones or tabs; are all with us to bridge our access to our virtual world of workplace, happiness and endurance. A world where we maintain our prosperity, image and respect all like in our real one. Well, what if you feel to secure your precious stuffs? You tend to invest more in physical security, Right? You may come to think that locks are common now a days, let’s employ something better.
The concept is almost same here mate. Gateway to your world of virtuality has a mere security of few random groups of characters, separating you from intruders. Is this a perfect method to rely on in this advancing world of vulnerability. You might be in a state of dilemma means somewhere in your mind clicks the idea of extra security which not only can recognise you better but more conveniently.
To encourage this idea, companies have taken a minor step into the concept of employing dual layer security. Giving you options to tighten your privacy within the very you. Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Apple are the direct leaders in this field. Those who use Paytm must have seen a fraction of the same concept used.
Apple 2 Step Verification
We hope to you’ve got a fair idea about the use of so called 2 step verification. Queries are always welcomed in the comment section below.

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We will soon post tutorials to upgrade to 2nd step authentication in notable company’s account. 🙂
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