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Hey Mate! You are now in another corner of the site to know more about us. A tiny group of people who post to have you a regular dose of notes everyday. 

Situated in India, we are very prone to Indian dialectical thought. Our Community consist of various categories of People coming from different corners of the nation. We appreciate proper content for us as well as visitors for an easy digestion. Frankly with blogging we try increasing your intellectual on daily basis.

Being a small group of tech enthusiasts, we strive hard to provide better informative sensible and logical advancement articles. We are very new and hence requires a bit of experience to get a stable live flow. Our approach is very experimental to every concept and information which lets us gain every accessible form of knowledge base. 

The website mainly has focus over latest advancement in technology and science with focal length being web development and programing. Design of every page and article is pretty experimental and likely to change in every noticeable periods.  

That’s all to know for now. 🙂

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