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Android Oreo Go Edition. All you should know.

Smartphones are must in everyone’s hand to be future proof. A human spotted without it is thought to be isolated from digital well being. Whether facebook or whatsapp, we always prefer to have in any of them on the go. Our social life, economic life or personal life, we get them all in our tiny device. Virtuality must be ashamed of us for our reliability over them.

In Indian mythology, we have the practice of belief and superstition. Many believe that body is one part and soul is the other which drives it. Likewise, in smartphones too their is a body as hardware and soul as software more specifically operation system (OS). Unlike souls, OS has proof of existence though! :LoL:

android oreo go edition

Smartphone have basically two types of OS Android and iOS as per present level of competition. Others like Blackberry, Java, Symbian don’t shine out to be that useful.

At an event in India, Google for India has revealed the Go edition of Android Oreo, the latest version of it till date. GO is basically a lightweight pack of Oreo mostly made for use in budget friendly smartphones. It is made to work with lower grade processors and restricted memory space yet not compromising on performance.

Features of new Android Go:

To acknowledge the exciting new features of the new infant, let’s get through them one by one.

Occupies Half the Size on Chip:

less size of os

Many always have the complaint of less storage on their budget device. Android GO occupies almost half the size of it’s parent. Now you can store more in your little pie. No more over burdening issues.   

Better Performance:

Faster transitions, better smoothness now on your budget gadget too. Enjoy quicker switches, steady messaging and calls at no extra price.

Saves on your Data Balance:

With lighter apps use light amount of data unlike before. Chrome compresses your page without compromising much on quality.

No compromise with Security:

Play Protect will always be your companion in store. Scan all your apps daily online or offline. Lost your smartphone? Don’t panic! Use Find my device feature to know it’s last traced location.

Optimised Apps for faster get through:

Everything you see are on the GO now. Lighter and faster versions of apps will be available for your all. Google has teamed up with most famous developers to develop Go counterparts of their parents. 

Qualcomm & Mediatek supports Go:

Google collaborated with SoC manufacturers like Qualcomm and Mediatek for providing optimised performance to end users. They will be releasing new steady and smooth hardware to be best compatible with Android Go. Keeping in mind the resources required for the OS, the minimum requirements will always be utilised before anything else. This will reduce the cost burden from the buyers.

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