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New AI powered Android Pie! Your upcoming close artificial being.

Google has officially launched the successor of Oreo which is named after the similar nomenclature of sweets. This time it’s P for Pie. Things you should expect:

Intuitive Navigation:

“Switch between apps and get to what you need more naturally by using gestures instead of buttons..”

From three you now have only two buttons for navigation. Back and Home. The Home buttons acts as slider for switching between apps.

Enhanced Notification:

New layout and new features are intact in pie. You can see pictures sent through messaging apps in notification itself.

Adaptive Experience:

“Go more with a single charge. Adaptive Battery learns how you like to use your phone, so the apps and services you don’t use as much aren’t a battery drain.”
Same goes with brightness for each application.  🙂 

App Actions:

Pie grabs your most used actions of an app to list directly in front of you.

Display cut out:

Apple like show off officially on Pie. You can choose the type of cut out you want if at all.


Pie promises enhanced privacy for your device. More secure and tactile than Oreo. Comes with new powerful ART(Android Runtime) for secure workflow.

App Timer improves your phone usage and digital well being. Keeping you informed about the detail time spends and allows to set limit for specific app too.

AI Integration:

Android Pie Al

“Android 9 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give you more from your phone. Now it’s smarter, faster and adapts as you use it.”

Pie personalises some for you so you get time to shed more love for it.

More words from the official. 


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