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From the perspective of An Indian ISP.


There are around 130+ active ISPs in our country with whom the personal and commercial users choose to connect. The promise of competitive planning, fair pricing and service quality has pushed them to sweep to top rank holder in state and/or national level. Number of users they have, have different reasons to use their service. National/International Bandwidth Speed, ping, uptime, coverage, peer connections and latency etc are the parameters that define their performance.

What made Internet Download Manager so famous?

Download in networking terms refers to copying or transferring of data from one server or system to different server or system through an interconnection. It might sound known to us but we neglect the functionality that supports this feature. In 2018, there are many forms of downloads that happen from different types of server and protocol. Between the websites lies the difference of speeds we experience every time we sync a particular file from different source

Necessity of Biometric Lock in PC

biometric feature

Biometrics have literally become the most advanced and secure proof of identity. Considering our affection towards the fast the system, companies have increased pace towards their adoption. Smartphone is the brightest example to talk about where biometric penetration is in their budget series too. Visit a telecom shop and you find 80% of the devices biometric enabled.

What does DDR mean in RAM? Know now to pick the better.

DDR is very rarely noticed term among the masses. We only care about the memory size when we go to a PC store to buy extra RAM stick. Customer: Hmm.. 4GB must perform better than 8GB!! Shopkeeper: Yes. Which version do you want DDR3 or DDR4? Customer: Which is cheaper? Shopkeeper: DDR3 Sir. Customer: Get

SSD vs Hybrid Drive vs HDD. Who stands out like a boss?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a fairly new player in advanced storage option in todays market. Its speciality is to store data or enable simultaneous usage very conveniently. Being smaller in size, lightweight and less electricity consumption, has made it a deal breaker in the global share of general storage. Back

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