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From the perspective of An Indian ISP.


There are around 130+ active ISPs in our country with whom the personal and commercial users choose to connect. The promise of competitive planning, fair pricing and service quality has pushed them to sweep to top rank holder in state and/or national level. Number of users they have, have different reasons to use their service. National/International Bandwidth Speed, ping, uptime, coverage, peer connections and latency etc are the parameters that define their performance.

How does coding restructure our thinking skills?


To code is to reform our thinking skills every line. Remember learning letters for the first time in your childhood? It’s way more interesting and unique down here. Nevertheless, the level of creativity you can truly apply here is infinite. Once you structure everything, the rest goes into syntax and that’s it. Your letter to a computer system is ready in a particular language. Move on and check for bugs. Found any? Fix it or take little help and you’re good to go. Start gaining some initial experience before grabbing more from others. Whatsoever the task may be, just approach the way you can think or feel. Doesn’t matter how bullshit it seems. This will strengthen your concept building skills.

Are Smartphones replacing Laptops. A Practical Summary.

The very simple answer in any sense depends on your thought. Specifically, we aren’t to the answer yet. Actually, we are to answer it. Our usages precisely follow a culture of innovation and creativity. What’s left behind is essential approach by majority of the communities around the globe. Sincerely, nothing is beyond us by us. Above all matters the insecurity inclined towards the unpredictable future. The framework of which lies within us.

Modes of transport reimagined!

How has been our lifestyle improved in this couple of years? A lot on specific scales and least on factious. Yes, our focus is on flexible phones, transparent displays etc. Hasn’t that topic been boring now? Typical avoidable answer is somewhat… somewhat..! We are moving forward in limited aspects which do implement overall growth but that don’t……

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