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How does coding restructure our thinking skills?

To code is to reform our thinking skills every line. Remember learning letters for the first time in your childhood? It’s way more interesting and unique down here. Nevertheless, the level of creativity you can truly apply here is infinite. Once you structure everything, the rest goes into syntax and that’s it. Your letter to a computer system is ready in a particular language. Move on and check for bugs. Found any? Fix it or take little help and you’re good to go. Start gaining some initial experience before grabbing more from others. Whatsoever the task may be, just approach the way you can think or feel. Doesn’t matter how bullshit it seems. This will strengthen your concept building skills.


Learning anything requires dedication. For coding, it’s little different. There are many logical aspects we need to develop over time. Nothing comes easy however, interests can grab your attentions in a bit span. Think your way to answer a question. Start small and try to get as efficient as you can. Work smart, think wide and do not pressurize your brain to go beyond. Complete the part you’re able to plan for the day. That’s a huge achievement many miss to perform. These steps shape your day to day tasks and truly widens your quality thinking skills. Your approach to any problem becomes more effective and productive. Let your family members realise your new perspective.



Keep trying and trying and never feel down. Approach the problem in every possible way you can imagine of. Look back, start again or refresh, do anything necessary to fulfil component thinking. You will fail, you will fall, you may succeed but what only matters are your ultimate willingness to try. Not every person is same. Our retrying behaviour lets us to resonate our strong character into action. Falling back only indicates your true withdrawal. Be in the game until you bring a change of yours. Through this you get to refine your hidden potential better. The last estimates of yours define your final output over your approach. Code structures basically play the least possible role here. Be thorough every time with the concept brought into light.


Why do you get to have so much of patience and dedication while coding? A lot goes into planning, trial and error. The perfect way to learn new about programming is always failure’. You can’t understand everything from a teacher or a professional. To get into practicality, jump into codes that come in your mind at any moment. Most important aspect is to promote every intuition that habituates in crafting those rare ideas which never deals so easy. Coding makes your day to day practical life more realistic and adorable like never before. You create a strong sense of attachment towards PCs and other forms of electronics. You come to suffice your long-lasting dormant curiosity of childhood about UIs and software making. Such an enrichment triggers treasures trapped inside which were once known to be debris. Happy Coding!⌨✌

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