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What makes Electric vehicles more efficient?

Electricity is the most widely used source of energy among all others in today’s world. Dominating in every short of fields in technology, we are always benefited by its every little aspect. Most appliances in our home are made to run from electricity. Let that be microwave, electric oven, TV, fridge etc. Yet one category that doesn’t digest flowing electrons is(are) our beloved vehicle(s).

Parked in our garage or siding, we feed our vehicle petrol or diesel and ride it like a boss without even thinking of the harm that it is causing to our environment. We relax in air conditioned cabin completing our tasks, talking and having fun. Simultaneously the exhaust does what its supposed to. Though being intelligent, we hardly think of the consequence about to be faced. People in villages though may not be intelligent are more eco-friendly than us by using bullock carts.

What actually makes electric vehicles unique?

Well, that of course is electricity provided by batteries housing it proudly. A battery is sensibly more efficient and exponential times eco friendly that any petrol or diesel vehicle today. You will feel the true comfort and excellency while riding a silent all electric car.


Electric cars have highly rated, rechargeable, fast charging Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries  after inversion are connected to powerful permanent magnet AC(Alternating Current) electric motors. They are controlled by either softwares or manual controls depending upon manufacturer.

Advantages of all-Electric Vehicle:-

  • Eco friendly. No emission or disposal of toxics into environment.
  • Better Acceleration.
  • Can be used in higher altitude having lower density of oxygen as it doesn’t require so to function.
  • Has the capability to run even under water if made so.
  • Very high range ranging from 250 km – 1000 km depending upon battery capacity(on a single charge).
  • Cost effective. Only around ₹1.2 per kilometers.(*4.8-5 km/kWh)

Drawbacks(basically nitpicking):-

  • Less number of fast charging stations across India as of now.
  • Longer Charging times compared to refueling in diesel/petrol car.
  • Battery failure.(Rarest possible case. Covered under Guarantee)

Tesla is the only company in the world to make smart all electric safe vehicles on commercial basis. It has recently unveiled it’s Semi Truck and Roadstar 2. They are outstanding piece of machinery refined by Elon Musk led Tesla.

Indigenous cars like Mahindra e2o Plus, Mahindra E Verito and various others have started their individual research on this topic. We expect them to come up with new advanced innovative technologies like done by Tesla since many years.

However, we are very proud to say that India is amongst the very few countries to have electric local transport vehicles in areas like Delhi, West Bengal, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tripura etc. Hope we see them all around the nation soon.

Another deal will be to install free or paid superfast electric charging stations for these vehicles all around India. You will of course won’t tend to spend 6 hrs or a working day to charge your car at a charging station. Govt. of India is thinking and has already started planning allocating budget to promote their usage to higher scales.

Diesel/Petrol Counterpart:

We don’t think you require any introduction or description in this matter. All you should know is the trouble caused by their heavy usage. Because of these, pollution in Delhi has risen exponentially and is simply out of our control. None the less, usage of diesel/cars must be reduced to deal the matter.


  • Faster speeds compared to electric brothers(that too if you have a supercar :lol:)
  • Ease of refueling within minutes.


  • Pollution Man! We can’t let it increase.
  • Low mileage than electrics. Only 30-60 km/litre roughly costing at around 2.23/km.
  • Makes sound while driving.
  • Efficiency is reduced while driving in absence of oxygen at higher altitudes.
  • Diesel/Petrol are non-renewable energy sources. We can’t rely our 100% on it.

99% of the automobile industry is powered by diesel or petrol cars due to less popularity of the electric variants. In India, manufacturers are planning to kickstart production of electric vehicles before Elon Musk’s innovation enters the market. We expect a good competition among the companies, increasing affordability of eco friendly as well as user friendly vehicles to cut short the distance to consumers’ destination. 🙂

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