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Enable WhatsApp Payment Service In Few Simple Steps.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in India. It’s for the simplicity and fluidity of the app that simulates users to it’s publicity. Being presently owned by Facebook, it’s optimization towards users’ needs and ideas have been top notch.

WhatsApp now has Payment service built into it for Indian users. Remember, that you need to have Indian number to enable this service. You mobile number should also have UPI enabled bank account linked to it.

Procedure to link bank in WhatsApp:

  1. Download the latest version of the app. Link ( Android / iOS )
  2. Go to attachment in any chat or to Settings and tap on “Payment” option.

    WhatsApp Payment Option
    WhatsApp Payment Option

  3. In next page, tap on “VERIFY VIA SMS“.

    WhatsApp Payment Verify
    WhatsApp Payment Verify

  4. Choose your bank from the list.

    WhatsApp Payment Banks' Page
    WhatsApp Payment Banks’ Page

  5. Account(s) linked to your number with the bank is fetched. Choose your appropriate one in case of multiple accounts.

    WhatsApp Payment Banks' Confirm Page
    WhatsApp Payment Banks’ Confirm Page

  6. That’s it. Tap on “Done” and your have linked your bank account. (If you haven’t created your bank account UPI PIN earlier then you will need to create.)WhatsApp Payment Banks' Done Page

You might be wondering what’s your UPI address(or VPA), right? Well like hike, WhatsApp takes care of it in background. Your UPI address is in format: <your number>.wa.<3 letters>@icici, same for all your bank accounts.

However, unlike other UPI apps, WhatsApp’s UPI has few limitations for now. We don’t know whether they will address them at later stages but are absent, may be to reduce load on ICICI’s UPI. You can’t check your account balance through UPI within the app. Others can request you money through this UPI, but you won’t be able to accept their request and pay. And lastly, you can only send money to other UPI IDs. You can’t pay to Aadhaar numbers and bank accounts. However, as WhatsApp is meant for only chat purposes, we feel that shouldn’t be a complain to make.


Not all have received this option yet. Payment service is still in testing stages. If you have got this service then you can enable for others too. Just tap on “Payment” option in respective chat, from the attachments. If you had linked your bank then you will see the amount page. As your targeted person doesn’t have UPI enabled, you will get a prompt to let them know.WhatsApp Payment

Now, your person has also got the ‘Payment’ option. So, have fun and use wisely.

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