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First time flyer? Points to note before stress-free.

Flying isn’t a very common mode of transportation in India. Only 5-6% Indians have actually been in a flight in their lifetime and only 2-3% account on daily. Aren’t these statistics very interesting? By the scores many will curve unfair ideas in their mind. You may be one of them but after being so think the logical aspect of transport and time. For most of us time is the most precious component of life. But hey! Wait. That doesn’t come before money. 🙄 Whatever it is, we are not here to discuss all that. Once you choose to fly keep little things in memory which bothers unlike in any other medium.

Basic notes before first flight experience:

First time flight is a lifetime gain in your life. Make the sweetest possible out of it.  🙂 

  1. Luggage: There are two types of luggage you can carry. On is check-in which goes into the cargo of the aircraft. Another is cabin or hand baggage accessible to you during flight. Your check-in luggage must not carry more than the airlines prescribed limit(mostly domestic:15 Kg: international: 25Kg). The price tag for each excess kilogram may be equal to your flight ticket price. Otherside, weight of your hand baggage should be less than 7 Kg(in international flight: 10 Kg). Sometimes only one check-in bag is allowed by your airline. Always check their conditions beforehand. 
  2. Article Limitations: Either note all these or save the picture for your reference.
    Flight restricted items
    Flight restricted items

    You read write. Carrying of even water above 100ml is prohibited as per norms. However, don’t worry water is free in airport and even in flight. Pack your luggage accordingly.

  3. Select Seat/Web Check-in: Airlines allow to select seat of your preference during or after you complete booking. Seats may be available for free subject to demand and airline norms. Else you can reserve a seat by paying some more bucks. To save that always try to web check-in or self check-in at airport. Check-in at counter will never cost you anything. Try to have a window seat to enjoy you first altitude flight seat

  4. At airline counter, hand over your check-in luggage and collect/reprint your boarding pass.

  5. Security Check-in: Your electronics items such as laptop must be put in a separate tray. You may leave your mobile phone and wallet in your bag itself. After checking, collect your belongings and move on to your boarding gate. In case, your boarding gate is not printed on boarding pass, look into the flight information screens in the premises.
  6. Arrival Time: For your first flight experience arrive at least 2 hrs before departure time. This helps in smooth completion of all formalities. Specially, large airport eats up your time reaching the boarding gate.


First time flying should always be through the generic way around. Yet, just to be on he safer side prefer these options:

  • Avoid buying food inside the airport. They are all overpriced inclusive of various taxes. If you have lounge access prefer having food there. Alternately, you can buy snacks from the vending machines in big airports at nominal price.
  • Fill up all you water bottles at airport itself. No one is going to restrict you there. In aircraft the air is very dehumidified so never take beverages which make you thirsty like alcohol etc. Drink water when you feel necessary to remain hydrated.
  • Electronic items like laptop, DSLR which needs separate scanning must be packed accessible according to quick operation. Thus, you will require less time taking them out and packing back again.
  • Never hesitate to ask for help from help desk or security personnel with gratitude. They will be happy to help you anytime.  🙂 

flight seating

That’s the most lesson you needed for first shot. Double check all the formalities after you complete packing. Once you take quite a few flights you will gain mild experience for sure. Happy flying!  🙂 

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