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How important is SAR value in smartphones?

SAR is an inferior term related to radiation. We hardly consider taking a look at the SAR value. The most important aspect we look for while going for a new smartphone or tablet is the strong hardware it has. After that some may have their own variety of choice. Some like better camera to take selfies. While others are minutely careful about the battery capacity. Anyways among all this, most of us forget to think about the SAR. Practically in India we don’t have to care about it. Manufacturers assures us a safe standard before bringing it to market.

SAR affection

What is SAR?

On paper SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. Let me clear you it’s not a term based on technicalities rather on biological aspect if you were thinking so. Any living being on earth has an ability to observe certain amount of foreign energy naturally regardless of any limit. We measure it as the amount of power(watts) absorbed by a unit mass(kg) of tissue of the living creature.

SAR regulation for mobiles

SAR is measured either of the whole body or of a specific exposed to absorption part. For smartphones and cellular reception based devices every country has mandated their own rate. In India companies have to have SAR value less or exactly at 1.6 watts/kilogram. Any exceedings won’t be taken in round figures. Violation of this limit doesn’t let the company to circulate the device legally. 

Practical Influence

In a humid, wide range temperature country like India, SAR plays a negligible role to our health. Human body itself emits radiation of certain wave length which is inferior in nature. SAR regularised limit is even way lower than that.

However, some very weak or disabled person may experience health distortion only after thorough continuous usage of smartphones. Although, on global scale there hasn’t been report of any major issue. Yet we don’t recommend very heavy usage of such devices too long under unsuitable circumstances. 

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