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Integrated Development in Technology.

Softwares are a phase of upgrade in this technology dominated society. No doubt, our interaction towards any digital product is mostly through UI of software. Only the programmers stand as exceptions here. We learn to be discipline, uniform and punctual with the usability towards our devices. Like a book written by an author we follow the UI designed by a developer.

Technology has evolved itself since it’s beginning and will continue to crankshaft all it’s needs. Internet is full of snippets, softwares and firmwares. Having an old operating system or an outdated application drives youth crazy to be sign of foolishness or illiteracy in trending. Yet, through all this we are missing the most important component. Yes, you guess right, ‘The Hardware’.

Most manufacturers give less importance to development in hardware. None the less, even they do are limited by resources. The functioning of a computer is still the same today as it was few decades before. What we are doing is keep on upgrading it’s subordinates to suit over our trending needs. Supposedly, this is where we lack a lot in our thinking. A super, micro, mini or nano all function the same way around, being just differed by size and capacity.

Many of the optimistic youth may state that they are very skeptical with their needs and hence equally focus towards hardware. Yes, from their general perspective of usage they aren’t wrong but universally they indeed are. In India, we even often lag behind global tech because our approach is like a robot and very predictive. We like to follow what others have already discovered but we can’t rely on our own creativity. Thanks to our renounced education system for draining that since very beginning from our youths’. Here, statistics get more priority over actual sense of education and development.

Unlike us, the global leaders have come up with slightly different approach which poses the very potential to revolutionize our living style.

Artificial Intelligence(AI):

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI is the kingroot of a new concept or better say gateway to revolution. If we are able to inject our being intelligence into any smart system, a bright future stands ahead. A world where machines can serve every need of an individual depending upon his/her interest, can even change our way of learning. Humans are intelligent enough to soak every bit of uniqueness into them. AI along making itself smart, can simultaneously smarten our thinking skills equivalently. Technically, though it feels software, it will be more of a game between hardware and software optimization. Smart assistants(e.g. Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa etc.) are already in our smart devices. Think them to be infants of new AI.

iSIM(Integrated SIM):iSIM - Integrated SIM

iSIM may sound a minute tech but it’s application is very futuristic. The SIM is integrated into the processor saving a lot of plastic space. Moreover, dual sim users will find it more convenient to use. Swapping sim cards will become tasks of few clicks. From manufacturer’s’ perspective, they will have more space to design and assemble their architecture. A telecom operator which had to sell out plastic cards to subscribers, will be free from such instances. All they will need is to securely install their IMEI, MNC etc codes into the integrated hardware. No more visiting retailers for a new SIM card.

Learn to trim your old sim to fit in your phone sim tray.

IoT(Internet of Things):

smart home internet of things

Internet won’t consume time to surround every corner of human life. Extending from our smart televisions to smart homes, we guarantee our comfort and accuracy in future. From LED lighting to consumer electronics like refrigerators, AC etc. internet will connect everything. Whether being in tourism or office, security of our homes will remain just taps away. Coupled with AI, their recognition will increase automatically at an exponential rate, learning new things about our daily usage. Additionally, we expect to become more energy and eco friendly by being more systemic with our habits.

Quantum Computing:

quantum computing

A topic that has been in research for quite a long period. Various countries like South Korea, US and China etc. are thinking deep into its functionality. Quantum operations can upshift our present computation speeds to a whole new level. Be it colour algorithm or complex intelligence, QC is expected to handle every task in a span of milliseconds. Capable of handling lots of tasks simultaneously, we hope to let it drive our new tomorrow of smart homes. Through this, AI which we know today may become unpredictable tomorrow.

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