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Jio KBC Play Along Gifts & Rewards

Kaun Banega Crorepati..! A name, a game that has been enchanted like a spell throughout the nation since the very beginning of our tech. century. Changing our thoughts, examining our choices and testing through our wisdom, we were/are given a chance to cherish our overwhelming dreams converted to fame of reality. Passing by the chunk plays in years, KBC has seen through many advancements, criticism, compromises and god-plays always better limited before the bell/siren of the daily clock.
Participants were participants, audience were audience in KBC and late TV viewers were just the ones to stay excited about the limited events telecasted. Now we all know the change that brought a kind revolution to this chain. Partnering with RIL based Reliance Jio, KBC has launched Jio KBC Play Along through it’s messaging app named Jio ChatTo make things bit clear, non Jio subscribers are also welcomed and entitled to participate unlike in Jio KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot(KBC-GBJJ) contest.
Users were promised to get different levels of exciting rewards and prizes hidden behind the score they accumulate over a gameplay. Initial players could have a disappointed with the early buggy interface and poor response time leading to cheats. Jio learning by its mistake, solving through the issues, has started providing awaited exciting gifts to its JKPA participant scorers. For them here are the rewards:



You must be tired scrolling till here thinking that these aren’t of your capability. But let me share a pic. of a contestant who was able to win a prize from JKPA easily by answering few questions. An entitlement of ₹300 OFF AJIO Voucher and  Jio 4G DATA add-on of 5GB(only if you are a Jio user). 

Even the participants who had once played the game and unused/uninstalled the app after being annoyed can lockup if their reward(s) has been waiting longer than they were for the game.

For the curious ones, the joyful contestant was able to collect his add-on data through his My Voucher page in MyJio app.

Please drop your queries in the comment section below.!! We will be happy to serve you. 🙂

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