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Why did Jio increase it’s tariff plans? Any guess?

Country’s largest data strong telecom network Jio made an epic change on 19th October, 2017. A revolution that it brought in 2016 did seem to retreat back after the launch of the new revised plans. Trolls, controversies took a vast chunk of space in Twitter’s database. JioCare assistants were repetitively asked the actual reason behind the change. Some may have already planned to port to other networks after their Jio sim validity finishes.

The question of every Jio user is why so? Many asked what’s the use of being a prime member then? To be true, the answer is presently limited to Jio officials. However, the surprised official Jio retailers shared an interesting idea behind the move. From their restricted information they plunged onto different idea which most of us might have not thought about.

Jio is a sub-branch of Reliance Industries Limited. Apart from telecom base, it also focusses on petrochemical industry where it earns a huge revenue. Then why a price hike in telecom? Jio including telecom also has an eye over FTTH, DTH etc. home based services. It’s the only telecom provider to focus on IoT(Internet of Things) in India.

To make FTTH a big success throughout this high density nation, a very strong internet backbone is needed to reach every small village. Branching from 4G LTE towers and launch stations, fibre optic cable will travel safely through underground channels to reach every community, compound and complex. The task of getting permissions for entrance and price of installation is extra ordinarily high.

Why is the price so high in India? 

The major percentage of price is of the fiber cable which Jio promises to provide free till conversion box in your home. These cables aren’t manufactured locally in India and needs to be imported at a very heavy cost.

The second biggest reason is the lack of submarine launch stations in the country. Only Mumbai and Chennai have good channels. Digha and Visakhapatnam cable stations are yet to get clearance which will boost the strength of internet and reduce latency making Jio tension free.

Load on Jio 4G towers are increasing at an tremendous rates every month. A planned scope of reduction in pressure can be expected after this, enriching end users with faster wireless data speeds.

When should you expect Jio GigaFiber in your locality?

There is no accurate official answer to this particular question. Every state in India has very diverse culture, language and approach to using Internet. Jio will promptly focus on states with advanced mindsets along with metro cities. States like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka etc are expected to get first hands on. We expect it to cover whole of India by 2020.

*These datas are totally based on thoughts of Jio retailer’s supervisors. No dedicated official has confirmed our statement yet.

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