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JioPhone MediaCable on it’s way to us!

JioPhone MediaCable

Hey! Are you among the ones to register for a JioPhone?….. Yes? . Let’s move on then..

Amongst the most hyped components supplements by Jio, MediaCable for JioPhone isn’t only an unique but an outstanding solution specially for our poor community to a digital push. An inspiration as well for OEMs, telecom and service providers. The competitive market can easily be captured by Jio by a remarkable extent if execution i.e. availability/delivery of the product is done as per norms and expertised expectations.

Retail price mentioned on the box is although ₹1499, we do expect to get hands on it at a pretty subsidized rate by the company.

Known Data:

  • Retail Price : ₹1499

  • Comes in two variants: Normal AV Ouptut & HDMI Output.

*We highly recommend opting for HDMI if you have a compatible TV for better picture clarity, sound and cable management.

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