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MIUI 9 New Features. Better than 8! You need to know.

Xiaomi has recently revealed it’s new customized version of Android for it’s mobile line up. The new MIUI 9 as promised by the company has lots of new features at max. Few of the unique ones have been limited to Chinese ROM only as of now but the stable ones are with Global verson too. Lets simply have a dive into that listing.

Devices that are getting the OTA update for the 1st phase are:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.
  • Mi Max 2.
  • Mi Mix 2.

New Features: 

Download Image of full log here

Through the Log, it has never been easy to understand the actual practical advancements. Now lets try to analyse them individually.

The OTA update that you should have got of around 300 MB contains some notable new features to look around:

Mi Drop:

Promised by Xiaomi, Mi Drop has been upgraded to transfer files at an even faster rate.

APP Vault:

Categorise your apps and use them on after a couple of taps.

Split Screen:

Running late by almost a year, Xiaomi has finally added the feature where you can use two supported apps simultaneously.

Better Customizable Home Screen:

Now you can just pinch out to explore the all new feature rich customizable home screen. Transfer multiple apps through multiple screens way faster and easier.

 Notification Folder and Shade:

Annoyed by useless notifications every time? MIUI 9 is here to group them all at an optional viewable area. You won’t be poked everytime now. Got some inserting at a time, just look them up in the notification folder.

Silent Mode:

Got a meeting or a special event to attend. Not to worry as silent mode is always with the volume lockers.

Faster App Loads like Stock:

Never compromise any anticipated task for the sake of software powering behind. Be free to switch between apps faster than ever before in MIUI.

Machine Learning:

A very new concept to recognise your needs all just by you and itself. Whether it’s ticket of IRCTC or an important OTP from bank, MIUI will now prioritise them as per your attention.


There are more inside features which can only be felt through practical usage. Xiaomi has done a appreciable job in making the new MIUI. We guess the Split screen mode to be the most widely used amongst these. 🙂

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