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Mouse/Track or Touch to target?

Tracking your screen is tremendous effort to control. How they dominate over modern day touch screen? In fact, most of the world’s casual device users prefer to use tracking devices. Use of them in less space and congestion is noteworthy. Preciseness is it’s character on trend. Artistics only depend on tracking to formulate their framework. Gamers just survive on them to lift up the mark.

Have you ever come across a laptop having touch screen? Many have right? What about desktop? .. Well stop thinking. Your answer remains controversial. Why don’t manufacturers implement this technology in our rigs? Simple. Perfection is key component of bigger brother.

track in pubg mobile

Technology is meant to upgrade itself not downgrade. Sequentially, mouse and trackpads have lost not their race since 50 years of service. May be 10 years more till retirement. 😆  For better explanation, just imagine yourself using touch controls on your monitor. Seems fishy & idiotic? That’s normal. They are not upto mark to replace pointers.

tracking in pubg pc

Coverage is the gelatinous prime segment to push forward the commercial use of tracks over touch. Cost effectiveness is a saturated sweet deal. Play PUBG in mobile and then in PC to get the exact idea. Okay, graphics are a part but notice about the ease of controls you have.

Where you should prefer Track over Touch?

  • Gaming: No way touches can beat the fun of tracks. I mean just have a gameplay and experience for yourself.
  • Digital Drawing: None can replace pencil yet 2D art does fair job using pointers.
  • 3D Modeling: Both play a significant role here. In terms of crafting, tracking is more necessary. 

Blindy go for Touch in:

  • Casual Use: Diving deep into windows or apps in background, touch makes them perform in couple of seconds faster.
  • Typing: Physical keyboards are no doubt the king in throne. While touch inputs depend more on hardware, ease and efficiency once used to is more on the later. 
  • Electronic Sign: Under absence of stylers, touch is often used although both have similar impact. Accuracy of signature has significance whether on paper or in chip.
  • Emergency Ease: A capacitive touchscreen is assured to last longer than mouse or trackpad. Extra physical presence as hardware reduces their feasibility.

Touchscreens are generic future of input system. Though immature it fulfills the dream of average human to use a device easily. Gaming segment is yet to see a revolution but till then fall in love with aimpad.  🙂 


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