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Necessity of Biometric Lock in PC

Biometrics have literally become the most advanced and secure proof of identity. Considering our affection towards the fast the system, companies have increased pace towards their adoption. Smartphone is the brightest example to talk about where biometric penetration is in their budget series too. Visit a telecom shop and you find 80% of the devices biometric enabled. It is due to the mass demand that has made such a wide implementation in our country an exceptional success. Apart from all the reports’ literature, SoC manufacturers have too confirmed heavy usage of such their modules.

India is an energetic youth country with wide variance of people all around. Faulty in culture or system of lifestyle may be accepted while a single bug in electronics is hardly ignored. Specially when it comes to security, we consider a compromise equivalent to theft. Well, a physical theft of your device is all a different story. Later on when it comes leakage of data, our love and approach towards so improves drastically.

windows hello fingerprint

Year so far

2017 has been the best year for digitalization since it’s very beginning. Entry of private payments apps like Google Tez and PhonePe into UPI and wide encouragement by us is the best practical proof. Govt.’s Umang and AEPS(Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) are the most discussed ones. The widely used web based ones are online application for Passport appointment and PAN(Permanent Account Number). While we can see an increase in digital adoption, biometrics implementation is yet to step forward. Bigger devices like laptops and most tablets doesn’t come with such an ease.

The rising demand for fast, secure and efficient login system to device is now at peak. Whenever, you go out to buy a laptop or all-in-one desktop, you often get very limited options embedded with fingerprint reader(or windows hello). This is just the opposite when you go for smartphones. We do perform most of our official works in our laptops for our convenience and usability. Yet we miss the securance and reliability that we have on our smartphones everytime. While  travelling, our mindsets forces us to use smartphones to complete our tasks.

Any Change?

The short and simple answer is yes. Few companies have brought biometric embedded laptops in the Indian market at quite affordable range. But the question still remains, why hadn’t we had it earlier during the rising regime of smartphones? Many will think that’s because of some technical restrictions, poor optimization with windows etc. Well actual answer is the less demand. Our approach and hunger towards laptop hasn’t been of equal magnitude as mobile device. Due to the cause of higher price, people instead prefered to go for modular desktops. It is not that we use less PCs. Gamers, video editors, animators, graphics designers and general home etc. uses are significant in our nation. It’s quite obvious most of us won’t be using biometric locks in home. 

vivobook s15 with fingerprint lock

Asus has been the most reliable in this field yet. It has recently come up with Vivobook S15 series [ Flipkart | Amazon ] having fingerprint reader (Non-promotional). Coupled with latest 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor it makes you future upto an extent. We hope to see other manufacturers coming with same ideology pretty soon in 2018.  

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