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Reasons why Paytm is the best cashless contender to PoS (Point of Sale)

Paytm, which gained true momentum during the post periods of demonetization, is now the most preferable cashless transfer mode beside PoS. It hasn’t been very tough for the start-up to show up after growing between the political chants. Thanks to the overwhelming response and support by us which pacified the strength for a digital economy.

Post 2016, every bit of ours thinking had inclination towards digital wellbeing. PhonePe a subordinate of Flipkart, too became popular for it’s brilliant timing in launching offers and cashbacks. Thereafter, UPI by NPCI did their part even better. India now has its own type of payment system among few in the world.

Features of Paytm:

Paytm is lot more than a traditional payments app. Here, you get a whole online store, book cars & bikes and there even exists a payments bank. Apart from wallet and debit/credit cards, option to have dedicated (@paytm) UPI address is available with cashbacks on usage.

  • Pay through multiple modes:

    paytm payment page

    Paytm has almost all payments method that India has, to offer the best suitable option for it’s users. Pay the merchant through wallet balance plus/or UPI and debit/credit cards flawlessly. Transfer is instant and backend assurance by the provider secures every penny you send over the air.

  • Offers and Cashbacks:

    paytm upi offer

    Bills paid for the month in turn pays you back. This first well known online player brings tons of offers, cashbacks and coupons to users. Clever minds always research through Google to find any leaked or ongoing promotional codes hence, saving few bucks. Some even have made this a source of income yet we don’t recommend them doing so as these periods vary a lot in year.

  • A Complete Package:

    irctc paytm

    An app that offers every basic requirement of digital world in India is none other than Paytm. A payments bank coupled with utility bill pay to train tickets. From movie to online grocery shopping, are all open to every user. You are further assured of few cashbacks on regular usage. Although, Paytm’s loyalty offers are now lesser in number, users still prefer to use it a lot parallelly with PhonePe.

  • Smooth operation for Merchants:

    paytm business

    Paytm dedicates a separate app specially meant for the merchants. ‘Paytm For Business‘ was developed keeping in mind the simplicity Indian traders and businessman require. Customers can pay through the gateway by Wallet and/or UPI, Net Banking and Credit/Debit Cards at no additional cost. Merchants can receive upto ₹20K a day and upto ₹50K a month. However, all transactions performed is/are settled on the next day, directly into merchant’s bank account through IMPS free of charge.

  • Wide Network and Hype:

    Paytm’s wide variety of services

    Demonization did let Paytm promote it’s platform throughout the population very comfortably. People had no other reliable user-friendly system to complete their online transactions. ‘Paytm Karo‘ soon became a word for most educated sellers to receive payments. Only in this little timespan, Paytm wallet usage raised tremendous until the launch of BHIMUPI (Bharat Interface for MoneyUnified Payment Interface) by NPCI. Consequently, almost every government and private firms are accepting payments through paytm.

PhonePe Calculator PoS can be a boon for shopkeepers in near future for it’s generic simplicity.

Future Competition

Though the One97 Communication powered start-up is presently servicing pretty good, we can’t be assured about their dominance ahead. It all will depend upon their market strategy, philosophy and implementation. However, by their recent motive of entering into mutual fund society, the image of Paytm isn’t going to diminish any day soon. Their ideology of bringing something new under the hood everytime will well serve the job.

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