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Problems in Production of EVs(Electric Vehicles)

Electric Vehicles are undoubtedly the future of transportation we can think in this pollution borne world. Every day when heading for daily commute, we often face polluted environment and tend not to be near a vehicle’s exhaust. What we always desire for, is a pollution free environment all around us.

Automobile manufacturers like Hero and Okinawa are in line to provide eco friendly scooters. However, they are currently missing a lot of necessities to compete with petrol counterparts. Hero electric scooters have small battery, low speed and small range in amongst all electric variants. Okinawa on the other hand, does solve this problem but has production and battery related issues.

electric vehicle

For electric vehicles to be successful, we require high energy density light weight batteries. They also need to have long life and be safe to use for general usage. India’s best battery technology is stuck with the outdated Lithium Ion and Lead Acid. Due to this, you won’t be very sure of it’s safe performance in rainy season.

New technology batteries like Lithium Titanate and Lithium Iron Phosphate have their own sort of drawbacks. While Lithium Titanate is 15% more heavier than Li-Ion, it has way better performance and almost 8-10 times longer lifespan. LiFePO4 batteries have a lifespan of just 4 times more than Li-Ion. However, these both technologies are quite new and are pretty tough to produce on mass scale in India.

Lithium Titanate Battery
Lithium Titanate Battery

Future battery technologies like Sodium-ion batteries or solid state batteries are in concept. As per their latest test reports, they very safe to use with better power retentivity, durability and performance.

How much influential is a battery for EV?

A battery is more than heart of the whole system unlike engine in petrol/diesel ones. As EVs are silent, security and other additional features are all powered by the battery itself. Quality of battery decides:

  • Range of the EV,
  • Speed of the EV,
  • Functioning of general services like security, driving guide, GPS tracking etc,
  • Charging time,
  • Lifespan,
  • Ease of use in critical scenarios,
  • Overall trust of customer.

Samsung’s research in graphene could one day give birth to the ideal battery pack we are aspiring for. A battery that is

  • very light weight, 
  • has high energy density,
  • controllable power output,
  • lightening fast charging,
  • Water resistance and safe to use.
graphene ball battery
Graphene ball battery

If Samsung cracks through all the difficulties and finds the right mixture then be assured, a better future will be a step away.

Problems presently faced by Electric Vehicle and their owners: 

Production of sufficient amount of good quality batteries has been the main diverging point for most manufacturers. The anode and cathode has carbon layers which get discharged into the electrolyte medium over a course of time. A solid state battery slows down this process but is very tough to manufacture. Charging time increases steadily depending upon the damage occured in the two plates. 

Okinawa Praise Electric Scooter
Okinawa Praise Electric Scooter

Although, battery is the prime concern of EV yet it’s not everything of it. A good brushless electric motor uses every bit of voltage created by battery for locomotion. The lower the resistance developed by the motor in the circuit, the higher is the performance. However, a (BLDC)brushless motor lasts exponential times longer than any traditional engine out there. EVs are somewhat future proof in this aspect.

Even with lot of these challenges, it is very obvious to say that electric vehicles are our future. Hardly will these require any maintenance in long run. They are very economical and emit zero emission against traditional oil burners. Soon, we can expect leading two wheel automobile manufacturers like TVS, Honda etc. shifting to electric market.

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