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Random codes on your TV Screen. Why are they present?

Live TV shows like matches, special events are all a never miss. Ever wondered of the annoying random codes appearing? Being in a state of total enjoyment you often tend to ignore the stuffs. Few curious ones do try to research and get to blogs like this ones for clarification. Let’s keep going then…

During the early ages of broadcasting technology, bandwidth used to be the biggest issue. Watching a cricket match live and the same one’s repetitive cast had a drastic difference in quality. People started to prefer recaps more than lives. Taking advantages of this mindset, piracy took birth for the very first time in telecast industry. People with access to better quality broadcast soon started illegal recording, became sellers for recap lovers for any of their favourite show. A steep loss in revenue graph was constantly gaining momentum year by year. This was at its peak until the idea of introducing distinct codes for each unit was in action during the early 20th century.

A cricket broadcaster finally took to new adoption, jailed many multimedia duplicate makers/pirates in a span of few years. This was the best ever soft strike on a large scale.

Colors TV Example Code.

So what’s the concept behind this little ignorable code?

  • It’s pretty simple. Every receiving unit gets it’s own unique series of code. If the receiving unit owner records and shares it, the code along it is also shared which lets the copyright maker lodge an act of infringement against that particular receiver. 

Well what about the intelligent ones to blur the code?

  • Most of them aren’t even spared either. If you did try to notice then you may know that the code appears at different positions for each receiver. Broadcaster can easily guess the receiver if can’t trace through this method.

Okay! But… why hasn’t yet it been stopped completely in India?

  • In India by the year 2017, the very few cable suppliers are the headaches behind this system to function accurately. When pirated, the most information the broadcaster can extract will be of the cable operator. It can only warn the operator but can’t stop casting at the cost of the other users who get supply from the same cable operator. For this being among sophisticated reasons to digitalisation, the Govt. of India is encouraging people to upgrade to set top box which lightens the headache of the broadcaster.

Got it! Now do not try to perform an illegal live show or capture and share if you find the random code appearing on your screen and if you don’t want to receive a letter officially from the broadcaster. 🙂

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