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How long can you retain your smartphone?

Smartphones are a common generic trend in tier two cities and even in villages. The population in latter considers smartphone owners literate and more educated than others. In cities though ideology is more mature, smartphones help you better navigate throughout. Smartness in a city is incomplete without a smartphone. Now we discussed lot about the word “smart”. Feels boring right? Let’s move on to discuss the needs of them in practical life.

Being a human, intelligence and a sweet product of it i.e. technology is/are makes us a different being. Well, I am not talking about the cruelty we performed towards our society. 😕 The basics that matter us, is the functionality of enhanced lifestyle we experience and build a better tomorrow. Earth is our home and it may be considered our solemn duty to maintain its future far better than present. Advancements are a part of living which needs respect in spite of the very fictitious fact that it may once have its own kingdom.

Retentive nature has been a character of human being since birth. A baby child never wants to leave his/her mother. A school student may not want to change his/her school. Basically, everyone holds up what they are used to. An execution out of their comfort zone never really executes at first shoot. This is pretty normal as we are build with feelings which guides us to retain what we love. Machines don’t have neither show such tendency in long run. They too become old, get wear and tear yet can’t be retained for long. Yes, some people may fall short of feelings towards them but not all. Some may no more use them the way they are supposed and later recycle. Very few capable will store them as old memory. This is how a life of artificial beings end.

smartphone family

Smartphones are our best artificial being and might also known as the king of electronics in their holy world 😀 . Our attachment towards them is way more than actual statistics and its rising day by day. It’s a tutor, a guide, a camera and a whole virtual world in all. We may have learned much better with more precision using them than just mugging up the books since childhood. Well, these all is no surprise because humans become more capable in their nomenclature.


Several considerable factors that cuts on smartphones’ lifespan:

  • Care and Legibility: Everyone need care to survive either by themselves or their representative or owner. Smartphone is a very fragile product for long term. Use and take proper care until your last vibe of love towards it exist.
  • Competition: This action is purely brought by us. Technology upgrades each and every new day. Our mobiles are made to run for a rough period of time and not for lifetime. Absence of modulations as per our requirement(s) reduce our willingness. This(ese) limitation(s) give birth to new idea(s) to extend itself further.
  • Premature Damage: An early damage only means early withdrawal. Try to be wise with your smartphone even if insured to maintain it’s original functionality for long. Restrict taking your smartphone in any unauthorised or unsuitable environment. Safe distance from excess radiation and rain should be your priority even if the device has IP certification.
  • Incompatibility: Software, which is most upgradable component, has a very limited warranty. Most OEMs provide up to 2 years of support in this section. An older operating system is very likely to be non-compatible with new upcoming intensive application and firmware.

Regardless of all these facts, the main reason is the design of the mobile which may stimulate us to lose interest over time. The market is competitive of various designs which always excites our consciousness. Believe me or not, there are only couple of people who will like to have a keypad phone. Specially, the grand father or mother in our society will prefer because of obvious circumstantial reasons.

Tips to Maintain Life:

The typical life of any smartphone never goes beyond 3-4 years. Depending on your savings, budget and requirements or desire, the time frame may increase or decrease.

smartphone care
Indicative only.
  • Foremost step sounds boring yet taking care is the best medication for your smartphone. Never try to jump beyond the warranty labels. You may risk it forever.
  • Keep it updated by the latest softwares and OTAs(Over the Air updates).
  • Use good physical protection. Applying a good protector may do the job.
  • Special care for the screen is must. Remember, replacement cost of screen is very high. Better be very cautious. In sandy areas e.g sea shores put your smartphones under tight cover.
  • If your gadget has headphone jack, check regularly for any dust and clean accordingly.
  • Don’t let it through a long session of over charging frequently. This will not only heat up the device but also reduce the validity of the battery.


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