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Are Smartphones replacing Laptops. A Practical Summary.

The very simple answer in any sense depends on your thought. Specifically, we aren’t to the answer yet. Actually, we are to answer it. Our usages precisely follow a culture of innovation and creativity. What’s left behind is essential approach by majority of the communities around the globe. Sincerely, nothing is beyond us by us. Above all matters the insecurity inclined towards the unpredictable future. The framework of which lies within us.

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The competition of screens that can’t be taken on granted do play a significant role in our choice of device. Laptops have greater screen size, better processor and features than normal smartphones any day. Smartphones simply render better score in portability and daily usage. Its closer to our life than flat style laptop any day.

What make smartphones a better choice?

The more user-friendly OS i.e. Android or iOS is simply eye catching over Windows, Ubuntu or Mac OS. Having camera in pocket lets you choose the desire to capture every precious moment. The apps often come handier to use in small screens. What we prefer in to use in smartphones are not always universal in other devices. It’s a package of all-around basics in your hand. The everlasting topology with smartphones that’s growing rapidly makes lot of sense to maintain our level of curiosity towards it any day. From a little child to an old, all have curiosity levels of their own to share to all of us. Laptops have somewhat a bit lost their glories of portable computing nowadays. They are sensible, more powerful and least on approachable marks.

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User friendliness is the key point of success for little gadgets. While touch responses are sufficiently energising for a new user, laptops have kind of poor old-style approach of trackpad and physical keyboards. Some upper models are touch enabled however, has less usage advantage in most applications. For example, a typist will prefer a physical keyboard to type. Which means his choice should be inclined towards laptops in portable dynamics. But he knows the advancements of virtual keyboards in Android and iOS. He may type big just by swiping through the matching words and volah.. he made a sentence consuming less time. Of course, that will take his concentration for months to get used to. Yet, that’s something more effective and efficient for him for short usages, Right?

When talking about security and encryptions, most smartphones seem ahead of laptops. Fingerprint scanners and Iris devices supporting secure login is available in almost all budget to premium category. Authenticity does play a huge role in the mark up. Now a days, mobiles often have more than 4 Ah of battery capacity and coupled with better optimisations, they can push your usages for days. Not only that cloud takes care of your files in better sense in mobiles. Android and iOS have well equipped their embedded optics over Windows.

Where Laptops edge sharper over smartphones?

Range of attachment, modulations and expandability are among few pros of laptops. You can’t really count the variety of devices that can be connected to laptop as peripheral. Smartphones hardly score any in this field. They are limited till OTG supporting.

Coding in Laptop is more encouraging.😎

Upgrading RAM or in some cases processor is possible in laptops upon requirement. They do have limited options for upgradation compared to PC. In smartphones, this option till date is absent.

Whatever it may be, ours lives won’t live without having both of them. Their strong points force us to get attached towards them always. 😊

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