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Necessity of Biometric Lock in PC

biometric feature

Biometrics have literally become the most advanced and secure proof of identity. Considering our affection towards the fast the system, companies have increased pace towards their adoption. Smartphone is the brightest example to talk about where biometric penetration is in their budget series too. Visit a telecom shop and you find 80% of the devices biometric enabled.

Android Oreo Go Edition. All you should know.

android go

Android Go brings you all new experience for your budget friendly devices. Now chat faster, call smoothly and be with facebook/whatsapp on the go. Lighter apps consumes lesser the data and more the speed experience. Feel free to store more the number on storage. Android is now half the size for you.

How Touchscreens know about your Touch? All you should know.

Crawling through the usage of keypad phones since a very long, an innovation was just knocking the door. Limited by the navigations provided on remote, keypad or any physical devices always gave birth to the immersive idea of direct interaction in every curious minds. "What if we could just touch directly

OLED vs LCD LED Display. Which one should you choose?

Display screens since its invention by John Logie Baird has seen huge improvements over the past decades. Redefining every colour pixel by pixel we are finally in a period of contradiction to choose between OLED and LCD LED architecture. Technology has evolved since the reduction in usage of CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) and

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