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What made Internet Download Manager so famous?

Download in networking terms refers to copying or transferring of data from one server or system to different server or system through an interconnection. It might sound known to us but we neglect the functionality that supports this feature. In 2018, there are many forms of downloads that happen from different types of server and protocol. Between the websites lies the difference of speeds we experience every time we sync a particular file from different source

Why is technology surrounding type-C cables so special?

Uses of ports are typical injections points into modulation of a computing system. Getting into the heart of a working algorithm or just transfering few bytes, we need a mode. Engineers have produced the finest technologies to render, copy or transfer any amount of file and type of file from one host to another.

How long can you retain your smartphone?

smartrphone feature

Smartphones are a common generic trend in tier two cities and even in villages. The population in latter considers smartphone owners literate and more educated than others. In cities though ideology is more mature, smartphones help you better navigate throughout. Smartness in a city is incomplete without a smartphone. Now we discussed lot about the word “smart”. Feels boring right? Let’s move on to discuss the needs of them in practical life.

Reasons why Paytm is the best cashless contender to PoS (Point of Sale)

pay with paytm

Paytm, which gained true momentum during the post periods of demonetization, is now the most preferable cashless transfer mode beside PoS. It hasn’t been very tough for the start-up to show up after growing between the political chants. Thanks to the overwhelming response and support by us which pacified the strength for a digital economy.

Acceptance of Aadhaar based authentication. The new role it plays!

Aadhaar, meaning ‘dependence’ in Hindi is introduced for all our futuristic justifications. Our signature, photocopy or citation are clueless to find their uniqueness in this new era. To mark an end to old school debris we have been bringing in, our government conceptualised a new identification for all its citizens. A step more towards a clean, safe and generalised new India. Versatility which once never found it’s existence outside dictionary, now sounds it’s exact meaning in different languages of India by different people.

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