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Best Bank to choose for Students!

Bank is a sophisticated means of treasury for every individual, and students are no exception. Include FD, savings and mutual, that’s all we have. In addition, cash, gold and cryptocurrency make our sense of living in today’s world a sensible one. Especially, UPI sweetens our deal even better acting as a bridge. Exclude a single item and your are dumped.

Importance of USSD in new world! NPCI’s NUUP, Hike Total.

With the rising demand came the introduction of USSD to check mobile balance replacing the earlier system of SMS strait away. It is quick and easy to use. Just we need few codes to remember for a specific service. No one may have predicted how far could that innovate our lives in future. The frameless popups were funny and worked even in in network scarcity areas pretty smoothly.

What is eSIM? Time to throw Plastic SIMs away

SIM stands for Subscriber Identification(or Identifier) Module which is present among us since 1991. Whether its mechanism in DTH Set Top Box or Credit/Debit Card, we are exponential times more focused on Telecom based chips. Why not? When we have such a huge telecom revolution going on in our country.  Being accustomed to see and use nano,

Trim your SIM all by Yourself.

Hey mate! Worried about bigger size SIM cards? Not having any trimmer to trim to micro or nano size. Here we have a manual handicraft solution for you. Points to Note: We do not recommend performing this on your primary SIM card. Any damage to your SIM is solely your own

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