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Wynk, Saavn or Jio Music. Best music app?

Music has been a vital companion of us, some for busy schedules, some for relaxation. The choice is ours when it comes to choosing the type best suited for the condition or our mood. We never compromise on the stocks of musics we hear. Many among us link emotions with

Why eliminating Headphone Jack in smartphones? Is it a good move?

Headphone Jack is the most widely ever used port in the mighty world of technology. Yes it's still alive and millions of people use it simultaneously when you are reading this article. Consisting of fixed diameter rod(2.5 to 3.5 mm) having few rings and clinches around the neck and bottom, was

2nd Step or Two Step Verification. Your world in your hands.

Two Step Verification, Two Factor Authentication, 2nd Step Securance...... and what not have you been hearing of since these recent years of modernisation.  What exactly are these about? How they work and what they secure? Shift up your thinking gear from neutral as we are about to dive into the concepts

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