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Best Bank to choose for Students!

Bank is a sophisticated means of treasury for every individual, and students are no exception. Include FD, savings and mutual, that’s all we have. In addition, cash, gold and cryptocurrency make our sense of living in today’s world a sensible one. Especially, UPI sweetens our deal even better acting as a bridge. Exclude a single item and your are dumped.

NFC, MST. Must know about wireless/contactless payment mediums

samsung pay

The year of 2000 i.e. the 21st century brought a pinch of technology in the existing system of payments. Debit cards made their swift way in national and international market. Being very new, they had issuance charge and only the rich sector of the population preferred to own them. Cash was the only known medium. What gave cashless life a push was introduction of ATMs by banks.

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