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Integrated Development in Technology.

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Softwares are a phase of upgrade in this technology dominated society. No doubt, our interaction towards any digital product is mostly through UI of software. Only the programmers stand as exceptions here. We learn to be discipline, uniform and punctual with the usability towards our devices. Like a book written by an author we follow the UI designed by a developer

Facebook Two Factor Authentication. Secure your Social Life!

In this new era of technology, internet is our prime source of wisdom. Google, Wikipedia, Youtube etc. are our regular dose. They even seem to posses the potential to replace our books. Little kids often prefer youtube videos over reading the materials from their scholastic books. Adults seem to enjoy

Google Security Key! How’s it different from all?

Google Security Key: Adding a layer of security, distinguishing their customers better are what big tech. giants estimes to do. A compromise in this category is never permitted under any circumstances. Apart from a tiny set of random characters called passwords, their approach towards biometric based authentication is gaining appreciable

2nd Step or Two Step Verification. Your world in your hands.

Two Step Verification, Two Factor Authentication, 2nd Step Securance...... and what not have you been hearing of since these recent years of modernisation.  What exactly are these about? How they work and what they secure? Shift up your thinking gear from neutral as we are about to dive into the concepts

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