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Mobile Numbering System in India

telecom sector

Every nation has different versions of telecom system. Some have latest advanced ones, minors have outdated ones and few have all of them. All the new ones are backward compatible. In India, US, we use 10 digit mobile number system. Most toll-free services are of this family. However, some special services and offerings are provided through short numbers of 5 digit or even lower in India

JioTV now has a web version. Give it a try!

jio tv web

Jio, led by Mukesh D. Ambani has silently launched its web based JioTV. Earlier it has already launched its own web based version of JioCinema if you recall.
JioTV presently has 550 channels with highest number of HD channels on web platform. However, it also extends support to many premium channels like HBO etc to let you enjoy on the go.  You can access the site with any browser.

Why did Jio increase it’s tariff plans? Any guess?

Country's largest data strong telecom network Jio made an epic change on 19th October, 2017. A revolution that it brought in 2016 did seem to retreat back after the launch of the new revised plans. Trolls, controversies took a vast chunk of space in Twitter's database. JioCare assistants were repetitively

What is eSIM? Time to throw Plastic SIMs away

SIM stands for Subscriber Identification(or Identifier) Module which is present among us since 1991. Whether its mechanism in DTH Set Top Box or Credit/Debit Card, we are exponential times more focused on Telecom based chips. Why not? When we have such a huge telecom revolution going on in our country.  Being accustomed to see and use nano,

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