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From the perspective of An Indian ISP.


There are around 130+ active ISPs in our country with whom the personal and commercial users choose to connect. The promise of competitive planning, fair pricing and service quality has pushed them to sweep to top rank holder in state and/or national level. Number of users they have, have different reasons to use their service. National/International Bandwidth Speed, ping, uptime, coverage, peer connections and latency etc are the parameters that define their performance.

Acceptance of Aadhaar based authentication. The new role it plays!

Aadhaar, meaning ‘dependence’ in Hindi is introduced for all our futuristic justifications. Our signature, photocopy or citation are clueless to find their uniqueness in this new era. To mark an end to old school debris we have been bringing in, our government conceptualised a new identification for all its citizens. A step more towards a clean, safe and generalised new India. Versatility which once never found it’s existence outside dictionary, now sounds it’s exact meaning in different languages of India by different people.

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