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Modes of transport reimagined!

Being national nonspecific, I can guarantee that western nations are far in line with innovation. Hyperloop is a brand new concept. More on reality promising to conveyance you faster than flights paying cheaper rates. Yeah that’s still to be practical yet the concept is no joke even for common minds, We know the possibilities it can easily create among the generation. Transportation through isolated pressure mechanism matches the adjustable velocity of 800 kmph.

How has been our lifestyle improved in this couple of years? A lot on specific scales and least on factious. Yes, our focus is on flexible phones, transparent displays etc. Hasn’t that topic been boring now? Typical avoidable answer is somewhat… somewhat..! We are moving forward in limited aspects which do implement overall growth but that don’t indicate all round development. Not everything that counts actual gets counted.


While Indian students are busy choosing their branch in engineering or medical, western nationals are trying to spark their true passion. This leads to birth of unmatched ideas among interested. I amn’t against Indians on specific but that’s a true stage of life for us. A truth that we need to accept to improve our ideologies irrespective of perspective of the holy diluting society. I strongly believe that we ourselves will bring this change by not more than 10 years.

Gravity Train:

gravity train

No one can ignore gravity in any possible way unless it has huge mass like of earth. Apart from solar, wind, electrical etc. we can conserve another form of energy i.e. gravity. It’s the most reliable non-renewable source of energy if put into application. Think of travelling from Delhi to Washington in couple of minutes. From Paris to Beijing while checking out your socials. Applications of this concept are way too many. 

g train

A train accelerating at the acceleration of gravity(g) can take you to crust of earth within a minute having no air resistance. The other two minutes count on taking you back to the opposite surface station by the it’s acquired momentum. A little thrust might be necessary to make it stationary as per allotment at station. The cost of travel could be similar to or less than flight, saving your precious time.

gravity train concept


  • Material: An element which can withstand the pressure and temperature of molten core is a prime requirement. All elements(even undiscovered ones) lies molten at the core. So, it’s pretty obvious we need to import that from some other corner of the universe. This makes this project less realistic but still high on possibility.
  • Energy: To align up to platform at station while arriving against the gravity, a lot of push will be necessary. Our most advanced form of energy i.e electricity is the only answer. Powering all the equipments may consume unexpected amount of electric power.
  • Advanced Engineering: Construction of such a huge infrastructure isn’t easy like in imagination. Digging a well equipped tunnel along the diameter of such a huge planet in short is MAGNIFICENT.
  • Travel Feasibility: Anyone travelling in the train would experience free fall pull for a minute. Not all types of people will be able to enjoy such ride. Heart sensitive persons and old ages may face exclusion. Passengers will experience extremes of acceleration ever before.
  • Reclination: During onboard, the seats must be perpendicular to the direction of gravity. Consequently, during travel w.r.t gravity they would need to maintain the same angle for passenger comfort. Such design of coaches have to be state of the art similar to a closed roller coaster.

Hyperloop Concept:

Let’s keep behind the very futuristic gravity train and dive into surface express service. Ride in a train which can cover 600 km within half an hour. Yes, that’s typically faster than many domestic airlines. Hyperloop is an open source concept promoted by Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk. It emphasises on fast unobstructed transport through pressure difference tube with the help of magnetic levitation and push. Hyperloop One, founded in 2014 has been researching to curve out the most efficient model for commercial use.

hyperloop one

The use of electromagnets is not new in transport industry. Japan already operates such system at a huge operational cost. There magnetic repulsions are largely equialized by the atmosphere air drag which restricts it at 600 kmph. Test results have concluded that the force of repulsion in almost vacuum environment is capable of initiating safe conveyance at velocity of 1400 kmph. 

hyperloop concept


  • Finance: Project indoors lots of financial support till completion. Construction of leakage free, near about vacuum tubes is masters of masters in engineering. Proper position of magnets will matter in every safe commutes.
  • Power Supply: 24x7x365 stable power supply is very necessary to run this project. Hungry electromagnets must have proper meal throughout the service.

Flying Taxi:

Let’s move on to short commutes now. Want to go to the station or the airport within minutes? Keep aside taxis or metro, flying taxis are on their way to you. Uber and Dubai transport companies have been thorough with it’s practical setup. Of Course that will levy heavy on your pocket but we all care for time. Well, time equals money. By 2030 you can expect to travel 10-20 km, faster by air.

flying taxi


  • Fuel: Adequate supply of crude oil is must. Countries like Dubai and others in UAE have a upper edge here. While chances of implementation in India dilutes.
  • Landing port: Pre-assigned space for take off and landing will be necessary for the convenience of the people.
  • Traffic Control: Air Traffic Control especially for city commute needs to formed. This will ensure safety for every fly.

Our views are inclined towards train when thinking about future transport modes. Biggest reason being mass transport and cheaper fare distribution. Hyperloop One assures us best possible experience through their tubes. We wish them a luck for their hard work in these years and interest they have shown in investing in India. Price sensitive audience (or country itself) will surely enjoy this revolution at fair.


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