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Trim your SIM all by Yourself.

Hey mate! Worried about bigger size SIM cards? Not having any trimmer to trim to micro or nano size. Here we have a manual handicraft solution for you.

Points to Note:

  • We do not recommend performing this on your primary SIM card.
  • Any damage to your SIM is solely your own responsibility.

Below is the EXACT size picture for the cut out. Download the PDF file and take out a A4 print of it(Click/Tap).

SIM Cutter Template
  • Place your SIM card in respective cut out of as per size and trim choice.
  • Mark the cut lines with a narrow pointed marker.
  • With sharp precise cutter or scissor, gently following over the marked lines.

Do not rub against a sandpaper VERY HARD while smoothing any rough edges. It might break the link between the internal chip and the leaf plate.


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