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Why is technology surrounding type-C cables so special?


Uses of ports are typical injection points into modulation of a computing system. Getting into the heart of a working algorithm or just transfering few bytes, we need a mode. Engineers have produced the finest technologies to render, copy or transfer any amount of file and type of file from one host to another. That’s how we are enjoying internet today. Ever imagined how your browser simply responds to the domain you visit?

We are yet to explore and precisely discover the vast world of digital transportation. Following the laws of physics, the lower the resistance the more the current flow and lesser the heat production. Unlike electricity, data is recorded in pulses in a unit time. A slight increase in resistance can result a massive mal-reception at receivers’ end.  In short, fat diameter cables are necessary for smoother data transfer.

type c revolution

Ports have been in various types these days. Type-A is the most commonly used standard in many PCs. Type B is still use in printers. Type-C is the newest member and first versatile version ever. It’s the most powerful among all the candidates. Let’s get to the reasons behind it:

  • Supports power exchange of up to 100W(20V & 5A). Fast Charging a laptop is no more that tough.
  • Type-C with USB 3.1 can threshold speeds of up to 10 Gbps sufficient enough to act as thunderbolt. Support for external graphics card is it’s aim just like thunderbolt.
  • Can act as High resolution multimedia transponder and has clear advantages over HDMI cable.
  • The best of all, it’s reversible. You need not to make 3 entries to get into slot perfectly. 
  • Size like micro-USB, features like thunderbolt. A all in one package which can perform all your requirements at once.

No doubt Type-C(aka USB-C) is the future. You are bond to like it over micro-USB and dominant Type-As. 


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