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Wynk, Saavn or Jio Music. Best music app?

Music has been a vital companion of us, some for busy schedules, some for relaxation. The choice is ours when it comes to choosing the type best suited for the condition or our mood. We never compromise on the stocks of musics we hear. Many among us link emotions with music directly. Some even steer their car while driving the way the music goes which is off-course never recommended. 😆

Question is how can you get whole stock of music. Most of us store downloaded music files and play them in mobile, PC, TV or any media playing devices on requirement. Biggest disadvantage of such act is the limitation in quantity and quality. You never get to the latest trends of musics so easy and get to download them. To sort out this mess, you will surely be needing an application who has legal rights of all latest albums all across the globe.

Application Analysis:-

All the mentioned apps are available at both Google Play Store and Apple Store. They support Ultra HD clarity audio quality.

Wynk Music:

Launched by Airtel on 13th January 2015, it is the most widely used music app in the ladder. Application is very user friendly and easy to use. It just takes few days to get accustomed. Along with games and movies, wynk is also available free for airtel users(with ads) to use. A ad free subscription is available as per OS Play store. Their is no feature to share music file mutually between two wynk users as of now.

We recommend registering using a airtel sim to get the free unlimited benefits.


Elder brother of all, Saavn used to be the leader until 2016. Pushed through every frequent update it has become more and more bug free. Application is more advanced and listings are better compared to Wynk or JioMusic. They work hard on their charts on daily basis. Developers have tried releasing a cracked version to let free access and usage to app. However, we always recommend using official subscription packages if it fits to your pocket.

If you want better premium experience than Wynk, you can have a look at Saavn.


Twin launch with Jio, it’s the newest in the market. Access is only available to Jio users and for free. Collection is satisfactory and nothing special.

There are other players like Google Play Music(Paid), Gaana and Hungama providing equivalent service but couldn’t make to the list due to their instability in market today. 

Apple iTunes is another faint one in the market for Apple users at a premium rate.

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